Thursday Twilight Markets

Not really a good photo as it was a baby wearing appreciation of toddler and Natibaby Dino shot (only wrap she asks to get in to without prompting), but was taken down at Fawcett Park on Richmond River in Ballina at the Twilight Markets.

Toddler dino wrap love at the a twilight Markets

Toddler dino wrap love at the Twilight Markets

The Twilight Markets take place on Thursdays between 4-8pm during daylight savings. It started last year, and I’m glad it’s back this year, as it is a lovely thing to do on a sunny afternoon, usually followed by a play at the playground (for miss2) and snacking on the yummy food I picked up at the markets.

Yesterday, they also had a lovely lady creating balloon sculptures for the kiddies, it definitely drew a crowd and made for some happy kids, unless it popped like Miss2’s, who promptly had a meltdown for half an hour due to a lack of day time napping. 😦 By the time we had calmed down and got back there she had finished up and gone home, so I suggest getting there early if you want to get one for the kiddies.

Some of the market stalls include: fresh produce, dumplings, crepes, fresh pasta, honey and beeswax, drinks, make up, clothing, wooden furniture, and some arty gift ideas. I’ve noticed though, that if the weather is iffy or wet, it’s mainly just food stalls that you’ll find, including fresh produce.


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