Ballina Farmers Markets


Sunday mornings, down by the river, by Missingham Bridge, you can find Ballina’s little farmers’ markets. While it doesn’t have some of the delicious goodies you can find at Byron’s farmers’ markets, it is still a great place to go pick up your fruit & veg, honey, macadamias, some fresh cut flowers, some potted plants and there is even a home made food stall who is featured in the 10 year anniversary of Byron Bay’s Famers’ Markets’ cookbook.


We usually head down as a family, with Miss2 insisting on choosing all of our purchases. The stall owners are lovely, usually offering Miss2 some lovely fruit to sample, or some other treats they have, including her new favourite treat, dried bananas.


Today, I headed out early, as BabyBoy woke ready for action early, and everyone else was snoozing. So we snuck out and got all our shopping done and brought home breakfast. While it was a lot more peaceful and quicker than having Miss2 with us, it wasn’t nearly as much fun or social. We were able to go in and out quickly, but I missed being able to teach her how to pick which produce would suit us best and why, missed her opinion on what she thought we should eat for the week, but didn’t miss the use of the eyes on the back of my head 😉

The markets start early, somewhere between 6 and 7, and go until they are either sold out, or until about 11am, depending on the stall. If you are organised, and it was a nice day, you could incorporate your trip with a splash in the waves or sandcastle making over the sand dune behind the markets on the sandy beach front of the river.


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