Camping over Australia Day

We went to Flanagan Reserve Bush Camping over the long weekend with some families we knew.

We heard it was going to be wet, so invested in a big tarp and an “annex mat”.
We got there before it started raining, but as it had a big down pour previously, we could see where the water had run. My partner chose a spot, that I had whinged about as it made us far away from our group, but as I later found out, was in the most ideal spot.

The kids had a lot of fun playing in the mud, and we even took our dog, who I think enjoyed just being so close to us all the time (as well as her swims in the creek).


My partner took our daughter for a few bike rides too, resulting in them coming back very muddy and jumping straight in to the creek to rinse off, much to our daughter’s delight.

Our son loved the water running off the tarp, and splashing in muddy puddles. Once he discovered this, it was hard to keep him out with his new found crawling skills


It may have seemed like a bad weekend to go camping, but I really enjoyed myself, and so did our kids. And we luckily decided to leave a day early as we had heard it was going to get worse by midday Sunday, and packing up as a group enabled us to pack up and get out with an hour to spare.. And it would seem the prediction was correct, looking at the weather stats later.



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