Wearababy’s Koala Ring Tai

Tinoki emailed me, while on holiday, to let me know a carrier I had been on the look out for came in. It was a Koala Ring Tai made by wearababy, in Girasol Northern Lights, with longer straps (so I could tie Tibetan in a back carry, use it as a Mei Tai still, and possibly tandem carry in it). So when I got back, I had to sell some of my stash to to be able to buy it. Luckily, a friend had already had an eye on one of my carriers that I didn’t use that much, but was my partner’s preferred one – a MySol made by Girasol (I will make a post about this carrier too).

I was pretty excited when it arrived, and, at first, I wasn’t in love with it. I wasn’t sure about the colours, and it was still stiff. I was a bit bummed but, I washed it and started breaking it in. It is now my favourite! It is still not as easy as I had hoped, as I think at times I somehow get the straps twisted and bunched while pulling it through the rings, but it is so comfy and easy to throw on, and I don’t have to have the tails on the ground while I am putting it on – bonus for rainy weather!! Although, I did run the tails through the mud while camping when walking around with it hanging off my hips – oops. Only thing I’d change now is having a hybrid ring waist too.



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