How to use a Woven Wrap

So, you’ve got a woven wrap in your hot little hands, now what?

When you get a brand new wrap, you will need to wash it to remove some of the stiffness, but also to help set the fibres. Finely Woven has a great list of care instructions for the different woven materials, but ensure you read the care instructions that came with your wrap.

Some wraps require “breaking in”, which is a term used to describe the process of turning your stiff wrap in to a “floppy” one, easier and more comfortable to wrap with. Finely Woven has also listed commonly used processes for doing this. A lot of people prefer to buy second hand to skip this stage, or loan out their new wrap to friends who are “good” at breaking in wraps.

Now on to the more exciting stuff, actually wrapping with it!

There are many different carries you can do, and there is a basic list here, created by TheBabyWearer, including the length of wrap you will need.

Here are my lists of what I think works for different reasons. I have categorised them in to Front Carries, Back Carries (including how to get baby on to your back), Hip Carries and Torso carries (meaning no passes going over your shoulder, so only your torso is keeping it up).


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