Healthy Paleo Party, for Kids?!

When my friends have a guest attending their party who has an allergy to dairy or gluten, I’m usually asked for food suggestions. Only upon hearing other people’s suggestions do I realise how much sugar we have cut from our diet.

For BallinaGirl’s party, I tried to keep things to paleo or vegan, as we had guests in attendance who followed these diets. After seeing BallinaGirl’s rise and fall after many sugar loaded party foods, I decided to stay clear of the lollies too.

For her party I served:
– A rainbow fruit platter (previous parties have had them on kebab sticks, but I had other kebab stick related party food too)
– Felafel and hummus
Bananas dressed up as pirates (texta used to draw face with eyepatch, and napkin as a bandana)
– Vegetable sticks and sweet potato dip
– Beetroot, Taro & Sweet Potato Chips
“Chocolate Squares”
Paleo sausages
– Salad
– Rainbow veggie kebabs
Paleo chocolate cupcakes
Paleo vegan cupcakes
– Paleo chocolate brownies (brought by a guest)
– Popcorn (brought by a guest)

The party bags had no lollies either, so no added sugar high for the ride home.

If children are only provided healthy options, they will only be able to choose healthy options. And who can say no to a plate of fruit with the colours of the rainbow?



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