Fruitos Direct

Fruitos Direct delivers fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices from the farmer, to your door. Delivery (for Ballina) happens once a week, on a Friday.

There are two options, a $35 box or $55 box (which usually comes in two boxes). You can also get a dozen fresh free range eggs for $4.99.

Our first trial box was free ($35 box). Was amazing to come home to, as we were out when it was delivered, it was left on our doorstep.


Doing the whole30, I found I was going through two $35 boxes a week (delivery used to occur twice a week in Ballina), so changed to a $55 box to see the difference. It was amazing! They include more variety and some more “upmarket” fruit and veggies.


BallinaGirl loves delivery day. It is almost like Christmas. She loves seeing what’s in the boxes and picking out things she wants to eat.


After my first $55 box, I started changing what I got. I requested certain herbs, kale, garlic, chilli, turmeric and even galangal, and none of other items. The amount that turned up in my box? Wow! I’m impressed, unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of it all before consumption. Oops!

You can contact Fruitos Direct on 0422 844 436. They deliver to
Ballina, to Lismore, to Ocean Shores, and most places in between. They can even send out a text on the day before the regular delivery day to ask if you want to order, and you can reply by text, which is handy for forgetful people like me 😉

For more information visit their website:


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