Whale Spotting

After a terrible morning (and missing CrossFit), and learning whales were out and about, we headed out for a walk along the heads, to see what we could see see see.


A map showing Sharpes Beach, and our end point at Pat Morton Lookout, although, we took a different path, one along the coast – a track made in the grass, and along the beach.

We started the journey at Sharpes Beach and walked up over Skennars Head, along Boulders Beach and up to Pat Morton look out at Lennox Head (a “surf reserve”).


The walk took a lot longer than I had thought. Firstly because of some of the walking being made at a 3 year old adventurer and explorer speed, and secondly because I didn’t remember how much space was between Skennars Head and Lennox Head, I pretty much forgot about the existence of Boulders Beach. So I had left our picnic lunch in the car, and our sunscreen… Oops!


Luckily, both kiddies slept in a carrier some of the way, and my mum was there to help share the babywearing load.



My little explorer took a liking to the banksia “pine cones” asking to take a photo of them on our walk



We spotted several spouts, but it was very windy, so the ocean was very choppy. But, just before we returned to the car, a whale breached, making our walk just that little bit more special.


Party at Goonellabah Sports & Aquatic Centre

Recently we had a party for Ballina Girl’s birthday at GSAC. We hired the slide for an hour, which ended up being a flop for the rest of the invitees, but Ballina Girl and the parents loved it! We cooked a barbecue on the outside barbecues. The sun was shining and in certain areas, out of the wind, you could’ve sworn it wasn’t winter as you soaked up the sun on the grass.

It cost us $50 to hire the slide for an hour, and we paid for all our guests entry fee (optional). They also offer packages where they can do the catering and have staff members designated to your party.

Ballina Boat Hire

While looking for things to do while we have visitors, we often book a BBQ boat from Ballina Boat Hire in River Street, Ballina.
The idea is that you can cook what you catch, but our fishing talent means we have a barbecue while attempting to catch something, or as BallinaGirl prefers, feed the fish. This works for me, as I don’t like catching fish, but love eating food.

Sometimes, we end up organising a cold and or rainy day, which isn’t too bad. You have cover, but also, you can drive the boat to find shelter from the conditions.

There is a sticker in the boat with the legal size limits, we rarely catch anything of limit, but every catch is exciting for BallinaGirl


Even if you don’t catch a fish, or like fishing. It is a good day out and way to see Ballina from a different view. Putt around and find your little patch of serenity in the river, cook up a feed, sit back and relax, chat and enjoy the sea (river?) air.

… It even has a toilet.